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Chicken and Dumplings

1 Pouch Chicken ( 4 oz. Dehydrated Chicken) 3 Tablespoons Mixed vegetables dehydrated 1 Teaspoon Soup Base or 1 Bouillon Cube 1/2 cup Flour 2 Tablespoons

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Short Hikes into Auyuittuq from Pangnirtung - Late June

Hi, Mike: I'm planning a short trip (1-3 days) from Pangnirtung into Auyuittuq during the last week of June. With such a restricted schedule, any advice

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lafuma 600 sleeping back

$50 40F sleeping back. 1.5 lbs. cheap and works

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Lov'in Big Agnes

Oh 3lbs per person is such an underwhelming limit on tent weight. The new 3 lbs is 2 lbs....or even 1.5 baby...I mean why not go for the gold! The trail

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Shed the weight of fuel canisters with a wood gas backpacking stove

I've been a die hard MSR fan for years until a friend of mine introduced me to wood gas stoves. These stoves use a handful of twigs as fuel which means

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Mountain Hardwear Piute 20

20 down bag for $250 that weighs 2 lbs 9oz. For the price I haven't found anything that could beat the warmth/weight ratio. Wished it had a better draft

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Pita Pizzas!

Whole wheat Pitas (can also be used with peanut butter as great lunch item) Nalgene of Marinara sauce pepperonis Parmesan cheese Bell Pepper Layer em

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Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 3

Bigger, taller (89 long, 54 back, 74 front) and MSRP only $20 more. You can routinely find it in the $120-$130 range less than $100 if you are willing

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