Best Backpacking Stove

When considering your choice for the best backpacking stove, consider where you will be hiking, the expected temperatures and how much weight you are willing to budget for your stove.

Some considerations for a best stove for an ultralight backpacker might include:

          • Weight of stove
          • Availability of fuel
          • Ease of use
          • Safety
          • Cost of Stove

For a stove to be considered best for the ultralight backpacker, weight must be kept to a minimum. Fuel should be readily available. A light stove without easily accessible fuel would be useless. Of particular importance to the new hiker is how easy the stove is to operate and maintain. Many new hikers are intimidated by stories of exploding stoves, so safety becomes a priority. Finally, when you are a new hiker purchasing a large quantity of gear, cost containment becomes an issue.

If your cooking tends to be simple and weight is of primary importance, there is an obvious choice that will suit your needs.

...And the winner is...

Based on the above, my choice for Best Backpacking Stove is...

Alcohol Burner Stove

What Makes It Best?

The alcohol stove is a study in efficiency. It is efficient in size being only 2.5" in diameter and approximately 1/2" tall. It is efficient in weight, weighing only 0.3 oz. It is efficient in fuel using little fuel to boil water in about 4 minutes.

Important to new hikers, it is efficient in cost. You can make your own alcohol burner at home for free from things lying around the house in about 20 minutes. Click Here for step-by-step directions.

For these reasons, I recommend the alcohol burner as the ultimate ultralight backpacking stove.

For those of you not interested in making your own stove, or who wish to explore other stove options, Click Here.

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